"The Stuff You Need To Know"

What public health protocols has DLeague taken to keep my child(ren) and parents safe?

We understand for some, this is nothing.  For others, this is mind-melting that even during the first 45 days of the pandemic in Michigan, competitor clubs and private organizations where still training and playing soccer not following executive orders issued by the Governor.  Though, to help satisfy both we have added new safety measures to keep everyone safer.

1) Portable Hand Cleaning and Washing Machine at each location

2) Updated Training Drills meeting MLS, UEFA and FIFA guidelines for player safety 

3) Increased access to restrooms and more open space 

4) Benches and bleachers will still be available provided by the facility location but will request ALL parents to bring their own seats to maintain personal space

5) Coaches and trainers will have access to COVID19 testing supplies and will be regularly checked

6) Coaches and trainers will also be equipped with athletic face mask protection; pollution, pollen and dust, virus 

7) DLeague Missed Session Credit Policy will be available for anyone who became sick, ill or for whatever reason was not able to attend and will attain value and access to soccer no matter what happens (credit and/or refund)


What size soccer ball should I buy?

Size 3 (ages 8 and under)

Size 4 (ages 9-12)

Size 5 (ages 13 and up)


If I do not have the correct size ball, is that a problem?

No it is not a problem.  No need to go buy another one.


My child is only 6 and this is her first time, should we go purchase equipment?  

Soccer cleats will get good grip on a regular or thick grass thus allowing your child to run quicker and maintain balance on the field while dribbling or kicking the soccer ball.   Since soccer shoes are not the most comfortable at first, it's important for you and your child to start soccer at the right speed.  Athletic Running Shoes, Soccer Turf, and/or anything comfortable kicking a ball and running are accepted.  Where if you truly enjoy the game, you can invest $30-$60 and attain a decent to quality pair of shoes for your child.

Shinguards ($12.99-$25.00) and soccer socks are STRONGLY recommended as they will protect your child from unintentional harm.  Water bottle and soccer ball are required (even though staff will have extra balls available).  

TSC DLeague Uniform Jersey will be provided at the field upon arriving at your first time.  Any and all athletic wear + colors are approved as long as they are "weather appropriate". 

EXAMPLE #1: Do not wear a jacket and pants when it is 92 degrees out

EXAMPLE #2: Do not wear a T-Shirt and no jacket when it is 55 degrees windy-little rain. 


My two sons are in two different age groups and not back to back.  Can I move my younger son to another age group to make it easier on me and the timing?

Anyone can make request to see if their child can participate in another age group/time slot.  Your child must be capable of playing at the different age bracket.  If the staff feels the move is delaying the growth of your child or others we will request your child be placed in his/her according age bracket and if this request does not allow you to participate a full refund can be provided.


What if the weather is really bad? How will we get notified?

If the weather has turned upside down, including a status update + instructions will be provided prior to each date IF BAD WEATHER IS UPON us, these are the instructions to follow:

1) Heavy Lightning and Stormy Weather 30 minutes Before Kick Off

  • (cancelled / rescheduled - notifications will be distributed) 

2) Heavy Rain and Stormy Weather 30 minutes Before Kick Off

  • (cancelled / rescheduled - notifications will be distributed)

3) Scattered Showers/Scattered Lightning 30 minutes Before Kick Off

  • (not cancelled - please show up to the school to wait further instructions)

4) Light Showers/Light Lightning 30 minutes Before Kick Off

  • (not cancelled - please show up to the school to wait further instructions)


My daughter has a (school play, fever, broken arm, appendix removal surgrey) and will not be able to attend tonight soccer session, can I make it up the messed session?

Yes, anyone who can not attend their locations schedule, can attend another location to make up for any lost credits or make up sessions each season.  


When should I arrive to the school and get my son ready to play?

We will begin promptly at the start time of each locaiton and class.  Given if traffic, construction, weather and other factors we will start / finish the session to attain the full value of the season.  I would advise preparing all your gear the day before, and arrive to the parking lot 10-15 minutes before you start time.  This will allow you to comfortably get to the field, finish putting on your gear and get organized before you begin.


My daughter has to use the restroom, are the schools open?

During the Spring and Fall Seasons, almost all elementary schools are open for public restroom till 6:00pm, unless they have an after school even and open till later.  


Does TSC Soccer Club have any other programs that I can register for?

TSC is a regional soccer club with teams based out of Troy, Lake Orion and Oxford.  Over the years TSC has roots since since 1974 and 1978 has been providing affordable soccer programs and travel teams for the Oakland and Macomb County.  Club camps, SQA Clinics, weekly club technical-training, individual travel teams, goalie training and more are all tools that you can participate it, some may require an evaluation/tryout from the coach or director of the program/team.

Please speak to a TSC Staff member for more information (INFO@TSC-SOCCER.COM)