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Speed, Quickness and Agility (SQA)

Speed, Quickness and Agility (2019-2020)

Welcome to TSC - Speed, Quickness and Agility Pre-Season Training (SQA)

TSC is happy to provide additional training as part of your member benefits.  With the Fall calendar season coming to an end, it is very important to keep personal fitness a top priority before heading into the Spring season.  TSC wants you to feel like a pro, thus consisent training from mulitple points of view during rigourous workout training ciricullums are great to reaching your goals.  Want to train all year long and need material?  Access the clubs database of up-to-date material, videos, and at home training sessions with fitness and health tips on how to progress your soccer career. 



All sessions will be held at specific locations for all teams particpating within the SQA Program.  Click on the CALENDAR

to view all TSC Club related events, or scroll down to view the next available session.  This program will be accessible for all club players (TROY, ALLIANCE, LOBOS) as multiple locations have been setup between November - March to make it easy for our members.


If your coach or manager can not help you out, please contact TSCAHREN@GMAIL.COM

TSC SQA 2019-2020 Schedule