December 8, 2020


Dear Club and League Representatives:


The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has extended Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253 – Gatherings and Face Mask Order.


Organized sports in Michigan, including MSYSA affiliated activities, such as team training, scrimmages, games and supplemental try-outs are prohibited (with or without masks) through December 20, 2020, unless they comply with the enhanced testing regime detailed on the MDHHS Interim Public Guidance on Contact Sports document under *Additional Mitigation Measures for Safer Athletic Practice and Play section (page 4).


In brief, the MDHHS Emergency Order restricts or prohibits indoor and outdoor gatherings in an effort to help prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Please read and carefully review the entire MDHHS Emergency Order. In addition, please refer to the MDHHS FAQs to review other restrictions.


Based on current COVID-19 conditions, team travel out of state for games and/or tournaments is not recommended at this time. Teams that choose to travel out of state for games and/or tournaments, including teams in US Youth Soccer’s National League Conferences, must comply with local and state health department orders as established in the state(s) they are playing in. Teams must also comply with the applicable Return-To-Play (RTP) guidelines in other states.  


On October 2, 2020, MSYSA implemented a ‘3 Strike’ Policy as it relates to compliance with MSYSA’s RTP Guidelines. (e.g. players, team officials, spectators not consistently wearing facial coverings, etc.) An online form (RTP Violations) is now available on our website for coaches, managers and club/league officials to report violations. Referees should promptly submit reports of MSYSA RTP violations on game reports.


A first offense (‘Notice/Warning’) will be shared with an offending team’s club and/or affiliating league. The club/league must provide acknowledgement of receipt (to MSYSA) within 48 hours, including how they plan to address the situation with the offending team. At this time, ‘Notices/Warnings’ will not be posted on MSYSA’s website. However, ‘Second Offenses’ by the same team will be posted on our website and result in a fine imposed by MSYSA. Fines must be paid to MSYSA prior to the team’s next scheduled match. Any fines collected by MSYSA will be donated to charitable organizations. A ‘Third Offense’ by the same team will result in forfeits and the immediate removal from a league/event schedule is likely. The MSYSA RTP violation information on our website, now presents players, parents, teams and clubs the opportunity to make advanced, pre-match decisions on choosing whether or not to participate against teams that are having difficulty on complying with MSYSA’s RTP Guidelines.


Please continue to monitor our website and social media platforms for updates.




Thomas Faro

Executive Director


cc.:      MSYSA Board of Directors




AUGUST 21, 2020


MSYSA has updated and clarified our Return-To-Training (R2T) guidance based on recent inquiries. The R2T guidelines, updated as of June and July, 2020, are available here. Please read and review carefully.    


Notable changes include:


1.    Under Coach Responsibilities: Inquire regarding participants’ health status before, during, and after club activities and monitor for any COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. If the individual has any symptoms or known exposure of COVID-19 they should be sent home and instructed to contact their healthcare provider as soon as possible.

2.    Face coverings should be worn by coaches, staff, parents, spectators as much as possible.

3.    Please carefully review Coach and Club Responsibilities, available here. This section has been updated as of August 7, 2020.


Affiliated leagues/clubs should not proceed with R2T until they are adequately prepared to implement and enforce their respective safety protocols (consistent with MSYSA’s R2T guidelines). Keep in mind that any training activities must adhere to social distancing requirements and gathering size limits at all times. Note: R2T does not include scrimmages, games or team travel to other states.

Governor Whitmer recently signed Executive Order 2020-115 , which loosened some restrictions in Regions 6 and 8. MSYSA anticipates using this Executive Order as a resource for what Phase 5 of our R2T guidelines may look like in the future. Progression into Phase 5 of MSYSA’s R2T guidelines will be permitted by MSYSA once Governor Whitmer has moved the entire state of Michigan into Phase 5 of the MI Safe Start Plan. For those leagues and clubs in Regions 6 and 8, MSYSA’s Board of Directors will meet soon to discuss the potential of allowing Regions 6 and 8 to proceed with Phase 5 activities. A decision will be communicated sometime next week.


You are reminded, MSYSA will not sanction, affiliate, or insure any in-person (traditional) try-outs this year. Furthermore, pursuant to MSYSA’s  Travel Team Formation Policy , clubs are not permitted to initiate contact with, offer roster spots to, or otherwise commit to players outside their club prior to June 13. Likewise, players still may not commit, sign, or register with a new club until June 13, 2020 (for those players who have not already committed, signed, or registered with their existing club for the 2020-2021 seasonal year).


At present, R2T is to occur with a club’s current players only . New players that have not yet signed with a club for 2020-2021 (because new players cannot commit to a new club until June 13) should not participate in trainings with that club until June 13 or later. A player may only train with a new club after that player has committed to the new club for the 2020-2021 seasonal year (in accordance with MSYSA’s 2020-2021 Travel Team Formation Policy), which would be June 13 or later. To put it simply, a club may not use club training as a means to evaluate, assess, or ‘try-out’ potential new players who have not yet signed or committed to that club for the 2020-2021 seasonal year.


Should you have any questions, please visit our website or you may also email the MSYSA State Office at .




Thomas Faro

Executive Director


cc.:      MSYSA Board of Directors